The mining areas of Dong Vong and Uong Thuong cover approximately 1,300 hectares some 17 kms north of Uong Bi town in Quang Ninh Province of North Vietnam.

Uong Bi is approximately 120 kms east of Hanoi, the capital of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

A further 30 kms east of Uong Bi lies Ha long Bay one of the a major tourist attractions of Vietnam. The port of Hon Gai lies in the bay and is the major export harbor for the Province.



Vietmindo's mining concession is located in the huge Quang Yen Basin which is the major coal field in Vietnam with over 80 % of the nation's production.

The coal reserves laid down in the Triassic period of the Mesozoic age, are typically characterized by low volatile matter, low inherent moisture, low to medium ash and low to medium sulfur.

The multi seam deposit has total mine reserves of over 30 million tons within the concession area. The seven ( mineable ) seam vary in thickness up to 10 meters with the seam dip ranging from 5 to 30 degrees.

Typical coal character slics are :

Total moisture ( a.r ) 7% 
Proximate Analysis ( a b ) 
Inherent moisture 3% 
Ash content 8% 
Volatile matter 3% 
Fixed carbon 86-88% 
Total sulphur 0,7% 
Calorific value ( adb ) 7300-7600 kcal/kg 
Hard grove index 35-38



Conventional open cut mining methods are used to recover the coal.

Following the stripping and storage of top soil for future restoration the hard overlying sandstone and siltstone will be broken by drilling and blasting.

100 tons hydraulic excavators and 50 Tonnes rigid and 35 Tone articulated dump truck will remove the overburden.

Coal mining following preparation and in-pit analysis will be by hydraulic backhoe into dump truck for delivery to the coal wash plant.

Mine activity has commenced in Uong Thuong with development in Dong Vong due to commence in 1999.

Progressive rehabilitation of worked out mine areas will take place using the best industry practices to ensure the environmental standards are achieved.

Annual production is expected to be up to 1.000.000 tons of saleable coal but will vary with market demand.



Using the newest Programmable Logic Control (PLC) Baum Jig-washing Plant at the Uong Thuong site enables Vietmindo to crush, size and screen three sizes of washed products fines (0-6 mm), middles (6-15 mm) and lump (15-100 mm). The sizes can be changed to suit customer demand.



From the wash plant the coal will transported by road or rail 22 kms to the barge loading facility at Dien Cong where it will be stockpiled in readiness for shipping.

Coal can also be fed directly to the barge and / or rescreened prior to barge loading to minimize fines generation.



Coal will be loaded by an 800 T / hour conveyor into barges up to2.500 tons capacity. the barges will then be towed by tug to the transshipment areas of Hon Gai, Cua Dua / Tra Bau, or Hon Net, which are located up 90 kms from the loading port.

Ship gear using grabs with 5,5 cum capacity will load Handy sizes vessels (up to 35.000 tons) at rates up to 6.000 tons / day.



Already established as a quality product, Vietmindo anthracite coal is well known for its use in the sintering process for the iron and steel industry.

Anthracite coal is also being used in an increasing variety of specialized industrial production methods in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Africa and Europe.

Vietmindo has carried out extensive market research in co-ordination with the promotion of its high quality washed coal product resulting in a great deal of interest by industrialist world wide.

Using reputable trading companies or direct to end user Vietmindo anticipate up to 40% of sales to Japan with the remaining 60% to Europe and other Asian countries.

Vietmindo is very aware of the need to provide a consistent and reliable supply of high quality coal. In order achieve a long term market share Vietmindo offer commitment and reliability to all potential customers.